Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earthlink Down on Earthday

As of sometime just after 6:55 AM, PST, all my Earthlink services, which include webhosting, email and ftp, are down and continue to be down. The Earthlink site itself is unresponsive and no one is picking up their customer service phone lines. A look around the chat rooms of several network blogs indicates that this is a nation wide outage. Yet I haven't been able to find any real reporting on the issue. Earthlink reports in a recorded message to a user in San Diego that there is a power outage in Pasadena and that their backup generator has failed. Whatever the cause, a major ISP seems to have completely gone offline.

Test emails that I sent to myself from a non-Earthlink account have not yet been returned as undeliverable so there is hope that all is not lost. But this is already a big problem and is getting bigger for Earthlink customers.

Earthlink needs to get some information out to users fast before this snowballs into an open rebellion against them. Sitting in the dark while your products are offline is a bad customer experience and the tone of the conversation is getting worse as the lack of information continues.

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