Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Dear Tropicana

Dear Tropicana,

I was sad to hear about the failure of your recent 35 million dollar packaging redesign. Kudos for you for recognizing it and going back to your old brand immediately. It takes a lot of guts to walk away from a 35 million dollar mistake.

You see, while you may think that you own your brand, it really belongs to those people who by the millions buy and use your products on a daily basis. Your juice containers sit on tables all across America and have become colorful punctuation marks in countless kitchens and dining rooms. The constant presence of your products has become a part of our lives. It seems to me that you didn't discuss it with us when you decided to redesign the orange juice container.

Things have changed recently in the advertising/branding world. Consumers now have the power in these things. It is a two-way conversation between companies and their customers. Why not recruit the real owners of your brand?

There is another way to approach this. It is fully transparent and virtually guarantees success. Give me a call. I'm sure that for a fraction of 35 million we can work something out.

Best regards,

Aric Mayer


suttonhoo said...

speaking of rollbacks »

Aric Mayer said...

Love, love that Corn Kix box. If only they took off that promo flash in the upper right. Where else do you see clean, uncluttered color on a cereal box these days?