Friday, July 4, 2008


From the Declaration of Independence, signed this day in 1776, signaling the separation of the thirteen colonies from England and it's King; a list of grievances and unacceptable treatments of all people everywhere.

He has refused his Assent to Laws, the most wholesome and necessary for the public good.

He has obstructed the Administration of Justice, by refusing his Assent to Laws for establishing Judiciary powers.

He has made Judges dependent on his Will alone, for the tenure of their offices, and the amount and payment of their salaries.

He has affected to render the Military independent of and superior to the Civil power...

For depriving us in many cases, of the benefits of Trial by Jury:

For transporting us beyond Seas to be tried for pretended offences...

(thanks to Detritus for inspiring a re-reading of the Declaration of Independence on this July 4th)


suttonhoo said...

chilling, isn't it?

we oughta stage a reading on the steps of the white house.

Aric Mayer said...

that would be an amazing performance.

i'm sure that nothing as subversive as the declaration of independence would currently be allowed.