Tuesday, September 25, 2007

No Caption Needed

There has been an explosion of noteworthy blogs that take a serious look at the textual criticism of photography in popular culture. As a photographer, I think this is a very interesting and valuable contribution to our cultural evolution. Photographs perform across our media landscape in ways that are unexpected and possibly even counter to the intentions of those who make and distribute them.

One blog in particular that I am impressed by is No Caption Needed, run by Robert Hariman from Northwestern University and John Lucaites at Indiana University. I have argued many times in this blog that photographs operate in ways that are independent from their context and subject matter, and it is my goal to keep exploring how this works. Hariman, Lucaites and others who write for No Caption Needed take a similar approach, bringing out the performative aspects of notable contemporary photographs in an imaginative and thought provoking way.


John Lucaites said...

Aric: Thanks so much for your kudos. Robert and I maintain the site precisely for the reasons you note and it is important to us to make contact with practitioners of the art of photography. We both just returned from Durham England where we keynoted a conference on "Locating Photographies" and had the oppotunity to meet a number of photographers and curators. It was very helpful to our work. We will watch your blog and hopefully learn from you as well.

John Louis Lucaites

Aric Mayer said...

Thanks for stopping by and introducing yourself. I was wondering how the conference in Durham went. It sounds like it was quite rewarding. I look forward to hearing more.